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Investing in the Arab world

Investing in the Arab world 

Investment, in general, is the process of putting money in something today to achieve material profit in the long run, in other words, investment: is an act carried out by the investor, in which he uses a certain amount of money to buy something to achieve material returns or to sell This thing in the future with making profits, we can also define investment from two different sides: 

The economic aspect Investment is defined in economic terms as the process of purchasing products or merchandise that are relatively low value at the present time, but economic indicators show the market’s need for it in the future.

and accordingly, it is Selling them after a period and realizing from the investment a financial wealth from them, the financial aspect. As for the financial aspect. 

investment is the process of buying monetary assets whose value is likely to rise after a period to be sold and to achieve profits through the price difference between the purchase and sale processes, or from its benefits, while retaining the value Its original is like investing in stocks and bonds.

The difference between investing and saving

  • Both saving and investment represent an important aspect of the financial lives of individuals. 
  • Saving means that you deduct part of your income, and keep it in its fixed form until needed. 
  • As for investment, as we mentioned, it is directing part or all of your money to a specific industry intending to make profits. Therefore, we find that both investment and saving complement each other, and you need to balance them to achieve material wealth. 
  • Investment is the most important aspect on the way to achieving material wealth if your investments are directed correctly. 
  • Despite that, it is wrong to direct all Your money is to be invested, as the markets are characterized by fluctuation and instability, so there must be sufficient savings to cover the value of your expenses or material obligations in times of economic corruption. 

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