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The concept of research in the curriculum

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The concept of research in the curriculum

The concept of research in the curriculum

The concept of research is located within the framework of the concept of science and is initiated immediately that intended to be scientific research, which follows the 

scientific method or the science curriculum to achieve science goals. As a result of the branch of science and the emergence of different disciplines, the type of research is determined by his or her subject. 

Educational research is a field of scientific research dealing with educational problems and if we want to know educational research, the first step is to define the search in general

The research definition definitions do not agree with a specific definition. Dalen (a critical attempt to reach solutions to the problems that the human and paid).

Distance learning system

  1. Research First Schow: Scientific Research Concept ، Scientific research represents a scientific necessity, both in the life of individuals or in the lives of countries. 
  2. According to the nations and nations, and also mobilize nations and countries.
  3. Access to science and use is required to look for. 
  4. And to search for science foundations and curricula.

Which we will talk about in this chapter as follows

  • First Schow: Scientific Research Concept
  • This definition is the main entrance to study any subject. 
  • To find the concept of research, you should first determine the meaning of research and the meaning of science. 
  • The word "research" comes in Arabic from the act and searching for anything and asking about him. I look for it and look for any search. 
  • Accordingly, the search means inspection and exploration of a particular question until its truth is shown on any face. 
  • The definition of research is not compromised as a different means of language. It is also in the term and study for a particular subject until he shows his truth.
  • Science: It is a more ambiguous term, as the definition of science disagreed over the ages. 
  • In the language means "science" any broken eye knowledge and learned the thing by breaking it (note) knew. A man (tag) is ie (a world) is very and fined to exaggerate, and (use).
  • . In the term, science knew that he had a human knowledge group that would help to increase or help him in a conflict in the fight against staying and survival.
  • As it is taken on this definition. He knows what used to destroy humanity. 
  • It is a definition of science closer to his description of the determination of its concept.
  • Science is defined as a group of human expertise that makes human being able to predict. He also knew that they understand the phenomena of this universe, causes, and effects. 
  • Thus, science is to realize the thing for its reality, and this perception only comes through or forecasting or predicting the causes of causes. Thus, science is a group of issues and assets of a faculty on one subject and addresses a particular approach and ends with some theories and laws as agriculture, law, astronomy, medicine, and others. 
  • The definition of scientific research does not exit linking the meaning of the word research and the meaning of the word science. Some, therefore, went to the definition of scientific research as "the realization of thought and mental voltage organized on a range of issues or issues, in search of principles or relations between them, and to the truth to the best solutions." 
  • He also knew as a "method designed to disclose new information, facts, and relationships and make sure its future, as well as access to college or public, which is deepening in the knowledge and detection of truth, as well as aiming to inquire about the image of the future or a solution to a certain problem through Precise survey and exact and objective tracking of this problem, and by analyzing phenomena, facts, and concepts.
  • And close to this other scientific research tariffs, and some of which have gone from it, "the regulated tab of knowledge, and some believe that knowledge is broader and the knowledge is that knowledge includes scientific and non-scientific knowledge, and we can distinguish them based on scientific approach rules The appreciation methods followed in the collection of knowledge. If the researcher follows the rules of the scientific approach, follows the steps in identifying phenomena, and reveals objective facts, it reaches scientific knowledge.
  • Therefore, if science is the regulator tab of knowledge, the search was the means of science or its tools to reach the facts, rules, and laws used to interpret phenomena and predict their behavior, scientific research means the organized study to reach solutions to the problems they face and because it is my scientific. Methods, procedures, rules, and steps.

  • Scientific research is a group of organized human efforts using the scientific method and the rules of the scientific method to detect and interpret the phenomena and identify relations.
  • Scientific research in this sense is the necessity of life that is not upright. There is a "search" need for "search" for truth. "