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the annual statement of the Social Protection Authority

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the annual statement of the Social Protection Authority

the annual statement of the Social Protection Authority

Steps of the annual statement for the beneficiaries of the Social Protection Authority، The Social Protection Authority explains the steps of the annual statement، A window will be launched on the Ministry of Labor website to fill out the annual statement, calling on all beneficiaries to fill it out by entering the link and withdrawing it, provided that the documents to be brought with the form are attached, each according to the category covered and according to what is announced below.

Required documents along with the electronic annual statement form

  •  The unified national card or identity card of the head of the family and his family members.
  •  A residence card or a residence permit that supports the current residence.
  •  A medical decision from the specialized committees of the People with Disabilities and Special Needs Authority regarding the category of people with disabilities or special needs.
  •   The identity of the civil status (widow) is indicated in it. As for the unified national ID, a copy of the registration showing the marital status and death certificate of the deceased husband is submitted.
  •   The civil status identity is indicated in it (divorced). As for the unified national card, a copy of the registration is submitted showing the social status, the divorce judgment is final, the custody judgment for her children, and a pledge not to receive alimony exceeding the amount of the subsidy.
  •   A court decision that includes announcing the state of loss concerning the wife of the missing person.
  •  The decision to rule on desertion or support the administrative unit in the region with two (2) witnesses for the deserted.
  •  The parent's death certificate or the father's death certificate and the mother's marriage contract for minor orphans.
  • A letter confirming the continuation of studies for those who have reached (18) years of age for the children of the widow.
  •   Parents' death certificate for an unmarried adult.
  • The disabled person under the age of 60 years for men and 55 years for women, attach a medical decision from the specialized committees in the Ministry of Health confirming the disability and the decision is valid for two years.
  •  A final judgment in which the judgment period is one year or more concerning the family of the inmate or depositor and the juvenile.
  •  A letter supporting the continuation of government schools for a married student until middle school.
  • A letter from the competent department supporting the benefit from the role of the host country for the beneficiary.
  •  Attach evidence of a change in the marital status of one of the beneficiary's family members (marriage, death).

The Social Protection Authority clarifies the steps of the annual statement for the Dhi Qar Governorate

Important for all beneficiaries of social protection subsidies in the Dhi Qar Governorate. The electronic form for the annual statement will be opened tomorrow, Thursday, 11/17/2021. 

The mechanism for electronic submission will be electronic, and the Social Protection Department, in cooperation with the heads of administrative units, has opened outlets to receive the auditors, as shown below. 

Nasiriyah District Center in the Youth and Sports Forum The other outlet is in the District District Court of Nasiriyah. Suq Al-Shuyoukh District ... Youth and Sports Forum Karma Bani Said District District Mayor of Karma Bani Sa`id

  • Leopards spend. District Office
  • Chabayish District. Chebayish Qaimqamiya
  • Sayed Dakhil District... Sayed Dakhil District
  • District... Al-Batha, District of Al-Batha District
  • Al-Gharraf District, Al-Gharraf District, Ur district, the center of the  district

Bring the original documents + reproduction for the beneficiary and family members... A residence confirmation from the chosen one, certified by the administrative unit, confirms that you are unemployed... Return to the nearest Internet office that completes the information، And you will receive a receipt signed by the committee, the required documents for each category