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Iraq jobs in the world and the United States 2022

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Iraq jobs in the world and the United States 2022

Iraq jobs in the world and the United States 2022

  • Iraq Nahj Automotive Trading Company in Basra announces its need for an employee in the sales department as a sales consultant
  •  Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree or diploma in management or sales.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Having experience in car sales would be an advantage for those intending to apply.
  • Professional looking, positive and friendly manner.
  • The ability to compete while preserving the interests of the client.
  • Possesses excellent communication and relationship skills.
  • High customer service and creative negotiation skills.
  • He has a passion for sales and customer satisfaction
  • Send your CV to the mail

immediate jobs in iraq

A sales employee or female employee is required to work in one of MODEX’s sales outlets in the Al-Harithiya area. The salary is 500 thousand + percentage. It is preferable to have a certificate and experience in this field.
Please note that working hours are from 12 noon to 10 pm
For inquiries or send your CV on WhatsApp

Baby Hut Center for Milk and Baby Supplies / Al-Atifiah Branch needs a sales employee from the residents of the Al-Utifiah area or Al-Shaljieh or the surrounding areas, provided that she is free to work and has no other obligations, a preparatory graduate or above
The working time is from 4 pm to 10 pm
Salary will be determined after the interview
For inquiries, please contact the following number

jobs in iraq for uk citizens

The Specialized Center for Autism Care announces its need for female teachers who are graduates of the following faculties: Faculties of Special Education - Psychological and Educational Sciences - Faculties of Education - Teachers Institutes) and from the following areas:
Qadisiyah - Yarmouk - Al-Mansour - Al-Amel neighborhood - Al-Bayaa - Al-Amiriya
To communicate
Note that the address is Baghdad Qahtan Square

A space engineer is required to work on a water plant construction project in Al-Madayn area in Baghdad, with no less than three years of experience.
 You can apply by filling out the form in the link below .