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International Exams in the United Iraq

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International Exams in the United Iraq

International Exams in the United Iraq

  • The Electoral Commission organizes an inevitable workshop for its employees
  • The Independent High Election Commission Training and Development Department Administrative and Technical Training Division organized an inevitable workshop for the staff of the National Office and the Baghdad and Rusafa election offices entitled (Foundations and Concepts) on Sunday, 6/2/2022 in the National Office for a period of five days.
  • Where the trainer Mr. Sobeih Kaid welcomed the attendees, explaining the rules of conduct for the workshop and introducing its curriculum and the materials that will be discussed in it.
  • The workshop included several axes that organize the work of employees to define their tasks and the concept of management, where the goal of learning management is to compare between traditional management and modern management. 
  • The Civil Service Law was also explained by referring to the moral rights of the employee in accordance with the law. 

international criminal court

A number of officials from the office, the National and the Baghdad offices in its Karkh and Rusafa branches who were qualified to be promoted to a higher degree from grades (6,7,8) to grades (5,6,7) participated in the workshop.

It is noteworthy that the Electoral Commission continues to organize the inevitable workshops for its employees to raise them to a higher degree, according to the amended civil service law, as is the case in all state departments and institutions.

The United States, which is the largest of the international community in the International Criminal Court, the second largest international criminal courts and its headquarters in
The United Arab Emirates, which represents international law of an international character, in the independent elections in Iraq, Syria, the United Kingdom of Arab Emirates and the United States .