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Media affecting the life of the individual 2022

Media affecting the life of the individual 2022 ، impact of social media on individuals ، social media may provide individuals ، negative effects of social media ، time spent on social media ، social media can affect  . 

Media affecting the life of the individual 2022

Media affecting the life of the individual 2022

All media outlets must strive to influence the life of the individual and in order to succeed in that, he must convey all the news to them in complete transparency, without biasing to one viewpoint over another, and to take advantage of all the means that are under his hands and harness them to transmit real data and information to individuals in the construction of journalistic syntax in  The regular media system must also present the idea of   organizing the material between the excessive to ensure the quality of the journalistic sentences that are compact between the community and their development to the future with a certainty in terms of the advanced media in the art of media and the strengthening of all the sections leaning in the light of the media image by describing its image in terms of journalistic syntax  in the media.

 It needs multiple and modern methods in naming it for its title and has the advantage in teaching and developing it in these circumstances that allow it to be consistent in all the reductions mentioned in the various means that appear randomly, incapable and unconscious in this framework, and must not be denied faster so as not to affect the quality  Media in the media and press sentences that achieve continuous success to this day.

impact of social media on individuals 

  •  Credibility is the basis for the transmission of all media materials, which increases the individual’s interest in viewing and viewing them, and the visual material must be known and not unknown and not neglected and information is presented over another, and the media has a number of known funds that do not affect the viewpoint in the most  As much as possible, the media channels should put transparency as their starting address.
  •  Credibility is the ideal element in ratifying the abusive and non-abusive media in the media era, and it is intertwined among all the media and media materials that emerge from confirming this news in a sequential and consistent manner. 
  • There must be a crisis in believing this news  Through credibility and its foundation.